BMW 7_aya the E38 series from 1994 to 2002
1. Introduction
2. Governing bodies and methods of operation
2.1. Access, protection
2.2. Elements of security systems
2.3. Car equipment, arrangement of devices and governing bodies
2.4. Devices of ensuring comfort
2.4.1. Multipurpose display
2.4.2. System of automatic ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC)
2.4.3. Tempostat
2.4.4. Audio system and mobile phone
2.5. Methods of operation and auxiliary systems
3. Settings and routine maintenance of the car
4. Engine
5. Cooling systems of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
6. A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
7. Systems of electric equipment of the engine
8. Manual box of gear shifting and coupling
9. Automatic transmission
10. Cardan and power shafts, reducer, differential and stupichny assemblies
11. Brake system
12. Suspension bracket and steering
13. Body
14. Onboard electric equipment
15. Schemes of electric equipment Она Он


2.4.3. Tempostat

Use of a tempostat at the intense movement (for example, in the city), on slippery and twisting roads, and also in other road situations which can force to change speed can lead to loss of control over driving. In order to avoid casual activation of a tempostat do not leave included in it if it is not used.

Tempostat is intended for maintenance of constant speed of the car (not lower than 30 km/h) without need to hold a leg on the accelerator pedal (if the engine can provide it).
Control tempostaty is exercised by means of the buttons located on the right side of a steering wheel.


  1. For activation of a tempostat install a key in the ignition lock in situation "1" or "2" and press the button 4 – the indicator of activation of a tempostat will turn on (see the Section Combination of Devices).
  2. For deactivation of a tempostat after cancellation of maintenance of the established speed press the button 4 – the indicator in a combination of devices will be switched off. Deactivation of a tempostat happens also at switching off of ignition.
  3. For installation of constant speed of the movement activate темпостат, accelerate the car to the required speed (not less than 30 km/h) and quickly press the button 1. Now the leg from the accelerator pedal can be taken away. By each subsequent short-term pressing the button 1 constant speed will increase by 1 km/h. If to hold the button 1 pressed, the car will accelerate and when the button it is released, the current speed will be established as a constant.

On abrupt rises / descents when using a tempostat the car can reduce/increase speed.

  1. For temporary increase in speed (for example, when overtaking) press the accelerator pedal; after an otpuskaniye of the accelerator pedal earlier chosen constant speed will automatically be established.

Earlier chosen constant speed is not restored if it was exceeded for a long time.

  1. For reduction of the current established speed use the button 2: by each single pressing the established speed decreases by 1 km/h, and at deduction of the button speed decreases continuously and is established as a constant at a button otpuskaniye.
  2. For cancellation of maintenance of the established speed press the button 4 – the indicator at the same time does not die away and if necessary it is possible to return to the speed established earlier (see below). Besides, cancellation of maintenance of the established speed happens automatically at:
  3. Pressing a brake pedal;
  4. Movement of the lever of the AT selector from situation "D" in situation "N";
  5. At long excess or understating of the established speed.
  6. For return to the established earlier constant speed after its cancellation press the button 3.

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2.4.4. Audio system and mobile phone