BMW 7_aya the E38 series from 1994 to 2002
1. Introduction
2. Governing bodies and methods of operation
3. Settings and routine maintenance of the car
4. Engine
5. Cooling systems of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
6. A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
7. Systems of electric equipment of the engine
8. Manual box of gear shifting and coupling
9. Automatic transmission
10. Cardan and power shafts, reducer, differential and stupichny assemblies
10.1. General information
10.2. Removal and installation of the driveshaft and elastic coupling
10.3. Replacement of the CV JOINT of the driveshaft
10.4. Replacement of an intermediate support of the driveshaft
10.5. Removal and installation of a reducer of the back bridge
10.6. Removal and installation of power shafts
10.7. Replacement of boots of power shafts
11. Brake system
12. Suspension bracket and steering
13. Body
14. Onboard electric equipment
15. Schemes of electric equipment как выбирать обувь


10.7. Replacement of boots of power shafts


  1. Remove a power shaft and clear it (see the Section Removal and installation of power shafts).
  1. Uncover (1).

At installation to a napressuyta a cover by means of a persistent ring, previously having greased its interfaced surfaces.

  1. Weaken a collar (2), uncover (3) with a boot and a lock ring (4).

At installation turn a new boot with a cap (3) so that the coupler of a big collar settled down between two openings of the CV JOINT.

  1. Vypressuyte shlitsevy a shaft from the CV JOINT, carefully clear the hinge of old lubricant. Check the CV JOINT for absence of damage, if necessary replace.
  2. Remove a boot from a shlitsevy shaft.
  3. Put on a boot a cover, grease the interfaced surfaces and a napressuyta on the CV JOINT.
  4. Fill the CV JOINT with high-temperature lubricant, insert a new lock ring and a napressuyta the CV JOINT with a cover over an internal ring of the bearing on shlitsevy a shaft.
  5. Put on a new boot on shlitsevy a shaft.
  6. For replacement of a boot of the external hinge open collars of fastening of a boot and remove it. Carefully clear the hinge and remove old lubricant. Put on a new boot, carefully clear the hinge in a collected state and completely remove old lubricant.

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11. Brake system